This site has become a liability for me

Thank you Sz Admin, for this site. I have reached saturation level and must withdraw from posting here for a while. Thank you everyone for your honesty and your attempts to describe what your SZ means to you. Thank you all for putting up with my posts, which are becoming washed out. Thank you, all my close friends, which I really don’t have. Goodbye for a while. Sob Sob. If I have any advice to you all, it is to laugh at your symptoms, but not too loudly, else the normies will begin to frown. (They might even call the police!)


We’ll miss you! :frowning:

I will miss your posts and look forward to your return.

Have a good hiatus.

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We will miss you.
Don’t stay away for too long

Im sorry if I contributed to this development.

Hope you’ll at least lurk and keep an eye on what’s going on from time to time. We’re all here because we’re not all there, ya know. I have gone through a lot of guilt, shame, worry, remorse, regret and morbid reflection about what I have said and done in therapeutic communities… and then come (again) to recognize that that’s the totally understandable nature of interacting with others like myself. A rest once in a while is good for getting some perspective on that.


right , your a good age , and you have experience , so in sz land , the most active seem to be 20 - 35 , you are in your 70s and you definetly have something to offer

Agreed, thank you moderators for allowing us to communicate our feelings and experiences with each other.

Hope everything works out for you.

My agreement being with the thought of thanking the moderator not the topic title.

Sorry, misread the topic title, I did not notice the “For Me” part. Have nothing against topic title.

I hope you don’t stay away too long… I have appreciated your input and your advice as well @martinhersey1

Good luck and I hope you have good days ahead.

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