This site has an RSS feed for RSS fans

It’s at

If you don’t know what RSS is, you can ignore this post!


I’m too restless to open this right now.
Will check back after a few cogentin :wink:


just looks like code or something :confused:


If you have an RSS app on your PC or phone, then you can put that link in the original post into it and view the new posts in it.

I think @firemonkey uses RSS. He might be interested.

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Already have this in my feed. Useful for others to know though.

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what’s RSS? I’m curious now.
can I share stuff thru it?

Really Simple Syndication (I think).

If there are websites you like that frequently update and post new articles, it’s a way to keep track and be notified of them.

You sign up for an rss reader service - my favorite is Feedly - and you paste the rss link (like the one @everhopeful shared) for sites you like, and then the reader gathers all the updates from those sites, almost like they’re emails.

Feedly gives me a menu like this:

And I can open one of those categories like this:

And it lists my sites and how many new articles since I last checked. I can click on one of the sites, and it shows me the articles:

And I can read the articles from the app. It saves you time spent hopping from site to site finding things - it’s all right there.


Feeds. :newspaper:

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