This one is for the ladies

Hi guys, I was wondering if I should take this birth control. But as a warning label it says that if you suffer from unknown vaginal bleeding you should not take it. So should I???

I’d ring the prescribing doctor and ask for professional advice as you never know! :slight_smile:

but she isn’t there and she won’t be back until next thursday. :(((((((((((((((((

I’d wait until you can speak to your doctor, taking hormones is risky under certain circumstances, I’d get proper medical advice first and just use an alternative until then.

I can you can wait a week and use some other kinda protection?! to ask your doc?!

Yeah, I agree with @Turquoise and @cherie. I’m not trying to scare you in any shape or form, but if you’re not having sex while on birth control, you may have some heavy vaginal bleeding. I’m not sure if this happens if you DO have sex while on birth control because I haven’t lost my virginity but I feel that it’s something you may need to know before you get on it. I’m obviously not a doctor, but this is from my experience.

Is it a new birth control that you want to start? What kind is it? And what kind of bleeding are you experiencing? In general, I would say to wait for your doctor’s advice. You can probably call the on-call nurse. Most doctors have one you can call after hours.

Same advice: find out for sure before starting something with a warning that pertains to you. You don’t want to risk complications.

It’s a new one, you could say like heavy bleeding.

I see. Definitely ask your doctor about that.

Do you suffer from unknown vaginal bleeding? :thinking: If you do then don’t take it, if you don’t then you’ll be fine. Birth control was great for me for skin and cramp reasons.

Wow, this is a huge surprise. I thought you were a male. :heart_eyes:

I get that a lot.