This needs to be sorted!

I had to wait an hour to make a post. I then went to make another post and was told I had to wait 35 minutes .


Wow, that’s new. Were you creating new topics or replying to current ones?

Creating new topics.

@firemonkey I think it is an automated anti-spam algorithm. You post a lot of links to websites in your news posts. I think the system discouraged to many links because it thinks you are a spam account throwing advertisements to the forum

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The system is crap then and needs to be fixed.

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Yeah I was thinking because you are a much known and trusted poster the system should give you increased posting privileges

I’m not sure about increased posting privileges, but something is obviously askew when the anti spam algorithm is resulting in so many false positives for spam.

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Hey. This seems to be an issue with the discourse update, rather than the spam filter. We haven’t been getting spam notifications. @SzAdmin might know more than us about the update.

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