This my new man

just saying…

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@far_cry0 I wish I was in Kathmandu right now!

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may ur wish come true…

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Why is this under Medications? Is he like a drug? ha, this is typical Iowa too, the guy with the big truck.

Yea I want him to be my new tranquilizer lol! Ooooo I’m coming to Iowa!

No baby, don’t, many rich farmers who’s sons are homophobes.

They were just raised that way. I would break them in…they probably fantasize about each other. At least the ones that look like that! Actually that’s just my delusions, my brother is straight and buff and I think he thinks guys are probably actually disgusting!

People really are straight. I need to talk to my therapist about this delusion.

Resentment against others comes from a blank life of no diversity. I don’t mind being a white woman here, and we even passed laws for gays, but the establishment had a fit and removed all those judges by election.

Moved to Diagnosed.

(Wearing moderator hat)