This morning had a short episode

Before breakfast I felt this darkness descending and had sudden urge to cry. Went downstairs and started to make breakfast for me and my husband.

Then halfway I sank to the floor and became heavy inside and stared into space. And then I heard voices of Alien for about 10 mins or so and wept silently.

After a while hubby asked is everything ok and I said yes. Initially I denied anything was wrong and brushed it aside, but soon told him I heard voices. He asked should I not get in at outpatients at hospital now and not wait anymore? (My pdoc referred me to state sector pdocs as he said my problems too complex for him to treat). I said not yet. I was reluctant to phone mental health social worker I used to see at hospital but I know it needs to be done.

Turns out I started my period soon after so guessing the sza was worse with the pms.

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My symptoms are always worse right before my period, too.

Sorry you’ve had such a hard day.

Maybe you’ll get some good rest and have a better morning tomorrow.


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