This medication is helping my shakes

I suffer from dust more allergy and tried this medication today. I feel a bit drowsy on it, but I don’t cough anymore and it’s helping my shakes. I’m still shaking my hands but I don’t feel rigid and tensed by the shakes. Does anybody else use this?

Is it an antihistamin? Ive used that, didnt like The drowsiness.

Looks like an antihistamine. I like loratadine better though.

Apart from that do you mean “tremors” when you say shakes ? If yes, pdocs usually give propranolol for tremors, it works wonders for shakes. Although it can cause hypotension as side effect in some people.

Is this type of anti allergic med any better? It says it has less side effects

Does loratadine causes less drowsiness? How different it is? Does it also help for hand shaking?

I use Benedryl 1515

No it does not help with shaking. Loratadine is just a anti-allergic.

and loratadine does not cause drowsiness? So it has safe side effect profile?

My ENT gives me loratadine and it works best for my allergies. Can be taken once or twice daily for 5 days. I dont feel sedated on it. But ask your doctor about it before taking.