This Means War!

I walked in and couldn’t believe what I was looking at. Their heads were gone. Not severed cleanly, but it appeared as if they had been chewed off. How could this have happened? I had left the door open and walked to the sink, only 3 or 4 steps away. While I was washing my hands, they crept in, those evil kitty’s, and had their way with my seedlings for the garden. 3 bell pepper plants, 6 watermelon, and 3 of my figtree cuttings…All dead. I figured I should be armed in case of another attack, so I got a water gun. THIS MEANS WAR!


War is hell. …


Give up. Wave the flag. Your never going to win with a cat. They domesticated themselves and know all the routines.


My brother recommended that I use a water gun to discipline my cats. I can control their behavior at least a little by scratching them a lot. They try really hard not to do things that bother me so I will scratch them.


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