This May Be One of the Only General Forums That Isn't

This may be one of the only general forums that isn’t all clogged up with political posts.

Thanks to the site owner and moderators for keeping this site mostly politics-free.

It frees us up to talk about other things, for a change. I may not have found out about my rs4702 AG gene recently on other forums, because I may have been too busy scrolling through political posts.

I may not have found out about Balzac’s “The Pleasures and Pains of Coffee” and learned how to boost some of my performance over the short term if I had been too busy scrolling through political posts.

Thanks again.


I like this forum a lot. I think it’s a great community. And the moderators do a fantastic job of protecting this space for all of us. :slightly_smiling_face:


do other sz forums exist? if so what are the names?

I think this is one:

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that sounds more like a crisis internevtion link… thats not what I was looking for, know of any other casual forums to bs on like this one?

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I don’t know of any other ‘casual’ forums with general discussion that forbid politics and actually stick to it, like this one. That’s why I posted this.

I was thinking of paying my Mensa dues to get back into ‘American Mensa Hospitality’ or ‘American Mensa Firehouse;’ but, then I remembered spending hours scrolling through political arguments in Firehouse. I also remembered Hospitality supposedly banning politics at one point, and then a lot of people complaining that they only banned politics on one side of the political spectrum.

Again, this is the only general forum that I know of that has banned politics and actually sticks to it.

Yeah this forum is unique you can talk about sex drugs and rock and roll but cant talk about cigars or religious experiences. Ive been flagged so many times

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Did you know there is a direct relationship, like more than 50%, for those who experience psychosis then afterwards take on a kind of find religion or identify in a form of spirutiulity. But there is no explaniation or discusssion exploring this correlary. Its essentially taboo here, but you can talk about aliens here

I didn’t know that. It is interesting. I am religious also, and I’ve thought about going to forums where religion is specifically discussed.

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