This makes no sense, but I can't get over it

There are ants in our house. It happens every spring. So we spring clean.

Here’s why ant’s emotionally bother me.

Friends of my parents a little while ago mentioned that they had ant problems in the washroom. They thought the kids were stashing candy in the washroom. Somehow it came up that the guy was in onset of diabetes and the ants were attracted to the sugar content in his urine. (Sorry for the eewww factor.)

I am on Seroquel, the blood sugar levels are creeping up there and my doc has been working on anything we can to keep an eye on this.

We have ants in our washroom. I know scientifically ants are not an indicator of diabetes. But when I see them there, I think they are telling me diabetes is in onset for me. I hate the fact that when I see an ant coming through the washroom window, I’m nervous that I’m becoming diabetic.

They are really starting to upset me. This is so dumb.

Ants are not an indicator of diabetes, but why are they only in our washroom and how do I kill ants with out hard chemicals.

You know what else I sort of hate… my sis did say that she might spray Raid around the foundation outside just this once. I actually told her that it would make our cat sick. We still don’t have a cat. It’s still just a glitch in the corner of my eye. It’s stuff like this that just makes my day hard and frustrating.

Get these. They are safe for other pets/animals as the ant goes in eats and brings the poison back to the nest. Something like that.

I think washrooms are worse due to the fact that there are more holes in the walls and floor due to plumbing.


I read that Splenda+ Equal kills ants fast. :coffee:


i don’t believe in killing anything, we have ants in the kitchen , when they all trundle off at night to the big ant house we put barriers up to stop them coming in again.
wipe everything down with clove oil and vinegar, and dish liqiud over the entrances where they come out.
take care


One has to live underground to not hear that the planet is in danger. One thing I have problems with is that a lot of foreseeable tragedies could eliminate the human population on planet Earth, but most of those forecasts then mention, “But the insects would survive.” This footnote is like adding insult to injury!


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I don’t know if you would like this. You can test out if it is the sugar in the urine that is attracting ant, by collecting some of your urine in a plastic cup and let it sit on another corner of your apartment. I think if you put a little wet white sugar on the floor you will have ants in a day. If you think it is feasible, why not try both and compare. :smile:

When I can’t get over something, I want to do something about it. It helps.

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My son is diabetic+we live by the lake where the ground is sandy.No ants have been interested in my son or his bathroom.However,they are plentiful in areas with sandy soil+a terrible pain this time of year.I feel awful that this distresses you so much.I’m scared to death of spiders!I can assure you that there is no connection between diabetes+you+ants.


Become one with the ants, only then will you be able to think as they do and find a way to resolve this situation.

Become one with the ants, be the ants.

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I told my sis I was thinking of trying this and she begged me not to put a cup of pee in any corner of the house. She also begged me not to put sugar around to attract more ants. So I’ll have to trust her manic cleaning to get rid of the ants. But I still like the idea.


Thank you for this too. This is when I can almost feel the problems in my brain. Logically I KNOW that ants are not how you predict diabetes. Blood work and screening is. But then my brain snaps back with something else and I start to believe that the ants are sending a message.

I am going to get my health results from a doctor who does test, not an ant trail.

But I still hate seeing them there. They still upset me. My sis scrubbed down the entire bathroom with vinegar and dish liquid. I don’t see too many ants today.


Well you seem to know you’re experiencing a delusion. Watch or read something, do something else, dont dwell on it.

But a funny thing about diabetes- one of the bigass lifters at practice last night was putting on two mulitply powerlifting suits and his legs and face turned purple- one of the other lifters remarked “He looks like he got the diabeetush” “He’s got the sugars” and I lol’d

I dont know why it was so funny, but when he said “he’s got the sugars” in the voice of that old southern guy on the diabetes commercials I just cracked up

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i agree vinegar works! we’ve had ants too, like loads… :ant:

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