This laptop is a piece of crap

An HP Pavilion. I don’t know how I going to make though my next class with this piece of junk.

  1. It won’t highlight text so I can copy and paste which I’ve needed to do in almost every online class I’ve taken.
  1. Spellcheck does not work correctly with this stupid touchpad. I’ve tried tapping on every mm of this touchpad and I tried holding my finger down and tapping. It simply does not work.
  1. I have to restart it every thirty minutes or if I walk away for ten or fifteen minutes and I come back I need to restart it.

4 When I check my e-mail and I want to get back online I have to restart it because there’s no button to "go back’ or exit that screen smoothly.

Anyone with else with an HP Pavilion laptop? If so, do you have any of these problems? Or do you have any suggestions?

I have a dell and if I plug in earphones it wont recognize it. I’ve literally tried everything and it still doesn’t recognize my earphones :confused:

LOL this one I’m using now is the replacement of my HP. Had to return it after a month. Although I’m thinking of going back to a PC next one as cheaper and easier to fix the heating issues than a laptop.

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You using the touchpad or a connected mouse? If using a touchpad, spend $10 or more on a decent mouse. Should fix that problemm.

See previous comment regarding mouse. A lot of touchpads are crap.

Possibly insufficient RAM. You need at least 4GB for Windows 8/10 to be functional. 8GB is acceptable. 16GB is optimum. Also, check available hard disk space. Windows starts to act crufty when it drops below 50% on drives 250 GB or less.

Hard to know what to say here. What email app you using? I do everything thru Gmail’s Web interface.


Thanks a lot pixel. That’s a big help.

My e-mail is under a Microsoft account. I use outlook.

I used to support Outlook and the corresponding Exchange Server (version 5.5, 2000, and 2003). Don’t miss any of that. Outlook is pretty heavyweight for home use. Microsoft’s LiveMail or whatever they call it this week is actually not bad. Suggest trying that instead?

If you have MS Office, Grammarly offers a free plug-in that should work with it. Advanced spell checking plus basic grammar corrections. I use it for all of my writing.


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Thanks again. I will print this thread out and use it.

I just realized that they charge for the Office plug-in. What I’ve been doing is keeping a private blog that I do all of my draft writing in. Grammarly works in the text entry windows for checking on the fly. Then I cut and paste to Word if I need to.

Edit: also auto-saves drafts as you write and it’s accessible from any computer in case mine crashes. Means you don’t have your hard drive kaak the morning something important is due and your only copy is gone. I use the Grammarly plug-in for the Chrome browser.



Okay, found it. Try logging in with your credentials at – that’s the MS online mail service. Lemme know what you think.


I think I will be using that link. It’s weird that when I’ve been logging on to my e-mail account since I set it up, it had almost none of the features that the link you gave me has.

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You also have access to an online version of MS Office that is pretty cool. You may want to play with that, too. Go to – you’ll be amazed by how useful it is. MS may have come to the cloud app game late, but theirs looks better than what Google has. It will probably come in handy for writing papers.


  1. How old is it and what is the operating system?

  2. Geek Squad.

  3. Find Another!

(Any excuse to get back to early '80s – and Rindy Ross – is an excuse I =will= take.)

Not an option if you actually like Nick. If you’re trying to make his life worse and empty his bank account, by all means…


Why do you think I stuck Miss Pretty in Portland in there?

Find out how much memory your system has…


You belong to the tribe that has jabbed me with Haldol-filled needles. Your motives are suspect on a good day.

d00d. :wink:


I’m saving up for a new laptop too. Mine is incredibly outdated. You might just need to purchase a new one with upgraded specs that can operate all this new high-density software being used these days.

Mine worked fine in the early 2000’s, but nowadays it’s crass. I’m saving up for an MSI.

There’s a guy in Tustin, CA, who sells and ships refurbished laptops =cheap=. (I have bought and used and/or resold at least a hundred from him.) His stuff =always= works good. If you’re interested, shoot me a reply.

cc: @77nick77