This is why services are f'd up in this world

According to Humen’s data, 73% of men tried to access university services when struggling with their mental health.

However, only 19% of male students were diagnosed by a medical professional to have a mental health condition

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I am stuck without a pdoc since Jan 2021. I can’t even change my meds.

These idiots are denying care to that 19% of the 73%!

How can 73% of male students think they can waste precious resources like this

Not impressed

The thing ive found about the MH services in the Uk, is that even if they pee you off by not responding in time when your having a meltdown, is lick their boots anyway. Cos lets face it - they got you by the balls, and your thinking your a renagade by kicking up a fuss and moaning aint gonna you do no good.

They will just treat you as non conforming, and if you have mental capacity will bin you off even worse.

Its a bit of a psychology game in all honesty.

Play their game. And you will have a better outcome. Sad but True.

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