This is why I can't survive

I don’t know what to call it but it’s when someone tortures you for 6 or 7 months and you realize they are bullying you or they are plain troublemakers or they are acting crazy and driving me crazy. They know I know and to me the next logical step is for them to realize I have called them on there sh*t and they need to stop torturing me but in a moment of weakness, for no reason I allow them that I have done their crap maybe a couple of times and they magically pick up on it and because I’ve done it they not olny justify the previous 6 months of torture but that justify’s another 4 months. Any stategys for coping with this phenomona?

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Is there an authority you can go to? That might make them come after you, but you would always be practicing self defense and self preservation, so you would be legally able to do more to them than they to you. Like, if you’re sitting in your room and they come in unasked for, after you had told them not to, you would be justified in picking up an object and cracking it across their head. Also, you might think about pepper spray and tasers. You would be legally justified in using them for self defense, and if they carried weapons, even defensive weapons, they would be legally liable for using weapons to violate a person’s personal space.

hello @77nick77. hmm, I identify with what you write if you’re talking about psychological torture, mind games and gas-lighting. Is that what you mean? I know that stuff too well, it’s horrid and totally crazy-making. I had a manager who bullied me at work, all with words nothing physical, and it was so bad I had to resign and get another job. Can you sever all ties with this person?

I would not recommend ever confronting this person as it will only make you feel worse. As my pdoc said… with narcissistic, sociopath personalities, there’s no question, no answer and nothing makes any sense. whatever they’re doing, they’re very good at it and can never lose. I hope this person is just someone you can go no contact with.

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