This is who I really am ( pic)

1411987560_1 that’s me, scary to look right at myself. I’m not used to seeing me. I am a human organ. A slab of meat with electrical currents flowing thru it. Or at least I’m the mind and the organ is where I reside.


That’s pretty deep.

Me on my bad days:

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This is the real me



I know. You’re literally reading words written by a human organ. And if you could hear my voice you would be hearing a human organ speak.

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I like your ventricles


I wonder if that’s ever been used as a pickup line lol!

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Haha that is too funny.

Thanks, I do too.

You have nice sulcuses.

I am just remembering my anatomy class in college

What are they? I’ve never heard of them

The grooves of the brain

Most ppl have no self realization that they are a brain or even an organ. Lack of insight?

Yeah probably 151515

So ur not in control of yourself? Lol

I don’t believe in free will. Do you?

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I do. I don’t think we would have self awareness if we didn’t

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed” scientific fact about energy…therefore the alpha and beta waves of electricity in your brain is your spirit…when you die that energy goes somewhere…think about that.

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The waves of electricity are induced by pumping ions in and out of neurons to change electric potential and allow action potentials to flow. But where does the energy go to after an action potential fires if neurons are in closed circuit? Can it only be released thru muscle movement transferring the energy to another object?if so all our energy would be transferred outside of us after our very last action potential fires at death