This is what I want to be doing




Ice fishing this time of year. Blech.

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Yeah no ice fishing for me. Just waiting for spring



I’m waiting for our five minute and 40 second growing season, which will likely be cold and wet, before winter resumes.



Me too………………

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Ahh, fond memories of fishing with my dad as a kid. After he died, I never went again. Seemed sacrilegious to do so. Right now, I want to be asleep, but alas, active nighttime brain.

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When young I grew up spending time with grandparents on an island off the coast of Australia. Would get up before dawn and hike it up a beach to fish. Was amazing!

Back then it was before net fishing so we’d get good catches every morning. Never did descale them but you’d sometimes have to deal with swallowed hooks and such. You just did what you had to do.

Sadly. Not much fish survive on the coast anymore. Those days are long past…oh the memories!


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