This is what i see

Sometimes this is what i see, in principle, not this exact thing, but it’s the same type of thing, exactly like this.

Am i seeing part of the very structure of this very strange place? Does this denote that it has a structure made by consciousness? Me thinks so entirely, this does not just happen by itself.

So, this is what i see sometimes, in the trees, clouds, and things, these faces are actually there and anyone can see them also, you just have to focus your brain thats all, it’s like one of those 3-d images when you focus and the image jumps out at you.

Oh ■■■■, i couldn’t find it. But there was a fantastic representation of what i see at times, real things that are right in front of us always, we just need to focus to see them. And this isn’t your everyday visual happenings that could be this or that, this is some wierd, very wierd actually, stuff right outside my balcony that denotes that trees have more to them than meets the eye.

there is just no way that was not put there, that is how weird it is, when you see it you know there is no way it’s trick of the eye or mind at all.

Does anyone else see them?

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