This Is What Happens, When We Shovel Gold Up

We Get Kicked Down Steps, Leading Up To The Platform Ceremony, taking a Launch from each one, on the way down.

long time.

I hope our bygones are gone.

as far as steps, I truly hope yours are going forward.
but if not, baby steps are good too.

How many jars of Vaseline are required to Stop The Pacing?

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I feel it in my boobies, ha.

depends if I’m hiked up.
glad to see you.

other things.

maybe fast walking, hiking, photography.

anything really.

Are you living alone, currently, or wanting a level playing field?

huh? are you the original Lister?

yeah, I got a live in man. he’s slightly famous on here. Phil.

Oh, pardon me madame, I am more originally Lister than most of my girlfriends and wives, chat moderators, or teachers in the area of comp sci. My consistent problem has not been ping pong, but tetras. When she said I have avoided that, I didn’t offer a plot, only and avoidance, with all the interest rates a psych nurse could muster.

I’m sorry. no comment. hope you are okay.

Oh, Like We’re Asleep and Everyone Else is Having De’ja Vu. What did Yogi Berra Say, “All over Again, yet not too contagious”.

I think you hijacked this original poster. whatever. goodbye.

Yeah, like I was juggling. Okay. Sorry for disturbing you.

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