This is VERY surprising… why and how?

I came across a book written in brail of all things. I started to read it and realized that two surprising things:

First… it was written by my kid sis, and I shouldn’t be reading it. What I was reading WAS personal. (I quit reading it and put it back. I’m learning)

Second was; I know how to read brail? I have no idea why I know how to read brail. Or how my kid sis knows how to write and read brail too.

I found the answer…. The kid sis told me that I taught her how to read and write in brail. She said it was the homework assignments I would give her when I was training her on how to escape from kidnappers. I made sure she learned Brail so she could write a secret note for help and not have the kidnapper know what she was saying. (I was sure kidnappers weren’t blind and wouldn’t understand brail)

She said that she would write notes to me in brail just after my huge break but she quit because I would sit and connect the dots. I forgot everything I taught her. Now for some reason I can understand it again.

Another one that got me…. My Dad is Scottish and Mexican. I realized I haven’t really talked with my grandma’s side of the family in a long time. It’s probably because I completely forgot how to speak Spanish. But my cousin called my sis and left a quick message on the machine in Spanish and I understood it. I’ve been replaying it again and again surprised that I understand what he’s saying. It’s rusty, but it’s coming back. How?

i think you and your kid sis are just freakishly bright ! i mean that in a nice way.
i have trouble just trying to string a coherent sentence together ! i was about eleven when i learnt to tell the time and do my shoe laces up !
take care

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Thank you for that…
Both our parents are teachers. Mom, science and math
Dad art and history. All of us had LOTS of extra homework all the time. They love teaching and with 5 kids, it was like they could practice a lesson plan on us.

I’m good with math, not with shoe laces or buttons. I can read a novel and can’t figure out a washing machine. It’s all a trade off.

Maybe you feel better? After my major episode I forgot everything. But now everything is coming back one piece at a time. I read spanish in school, I suddenly remember lots of words and can put them togeather in simple sentances. Also my English is coming back. I had forgotten English completely.

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I think the explanation is that you are a bright guy J. These things were probably stuck somewhere in the back of your mind, later it appeared again.

Dear James,

    Some persons gauge intelligence by how many different words a person owns.  For example, Shakespeare was supposed to use about 50,000 words, and so some presume he must have been very bright..  Some people judge the Bush Presidents as much less intelligent then the Clintons, for example, because the Clinton's use so many more different words.  

At the height of my mental illness, I was down to very few words. I used the words “good” and “thing” a lot, as, in, “Hand me that thing,” or “I don’t feel good.”

Now that I am years into recovery, I find myself using words I had not used in ages. For example, I recently said to my counselor, “But I was only meaning to be didactic.” (He looked at me like, “Duh, what did you say?”

I suspect you are showing signs of recovery but once again having Braille and Spanish available to you.



Sometimes i use words that i cannot define, but i use them correctly, which is strange because if you don’t know what it means how can you use it correctly in a sentence?

And there have been instances of people speaking other languages without ever having learned them before, and also some woman in mexico i heard of was able to read a book in another language without prior experience with it, she was a shaman.

I think that all of language is like a bunch of 1’s and 0’s on the computer, in theory we can speak an entire language without having studied it before or even ever having heard of it. If they get far enough with technology im sure they will try it out, i mean if they give cats lsd and stupid shyte like that they are bound to try this out when they can.

“fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on…we can’t get fooled again.”

I would do that too. I would see something and completely forget what word I was looking for. Or I would use a word so wrong that I confused people even more.

I feel a little bad that my sis has this skill purely because of my paranoia and delusions. But she works the special populations swim and she is grateful to brail.

Just because you forgot that you knew brail doesn’t mean that you unlearned it. Same with Spanish. I don’t think you can unlearn something just forget it for a bit. :thumbsup:

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