This is the person

That carried me for nine months. I heard someone say I told ya. So I’m sleeping with my mom you sick piece of ■■■■?. How bout you go ■■■■ your ignorant self. I hate them. My mom is here celebrating Christmas.
With me and my bf. I’m her only child.
Lord help me with this. I need to quit listening.

Your mom is important to you! No one can take that away!

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That’s really cool you have a good relationship with your mom! You’re lucky.

How goes the latuda? Are you eating the required 300 calories when you take the pill? I hear that makes a huge difference. You are sounding better. I hope that means you’re feeling better.

I believe the more food you eat with your Latuda, the better it is. More food means it stays in your stomach longer and gets absorbed better. You don’t have to eat just the minimum before taking it. I was on Latuda at one time.


Dude i sleep with my kids and occassionally my mom. Just tell them to go eat some pie.

Latuda is working good. Yeah I make sure on the calories part. A little weakness from it. I can handle that.:blush:


Glad the Latuda is working for you @roxanna! You do sound much better. Hope you have a good Christmas with your mom.

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