This is the necklace my mum got me for Christmas

It is not something I’d wear to work or anything but she was very thoughtful.

Because I need a necklace to ground myself really badly. And I think she knew from our WhatsApp family group chat.

We all have different things that ground us.

For me it’s necklaces.

So this will be my temporary necklace until the one I ordered arrives.

I like throwing a dash of meaning into the necklace and carry that meaning around with me.


That’s a beautiful necklace! It really goes good with your face. You have a cool mom!

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Aw thankyou Whiteraven!

I will tell her that I’ve been told I have a cool mum she’ll like that

That’s a really good picture, and a nice necklace!

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Thankyou @agent101g you are really sweet

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I really like the necklace. It looks very nice on you.

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Thanks @Moonbeam nice to hear that :grinning:

Hope you’re well

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Very lovely! I love that it’s not flashy and sparkly. Very elegant. It looks lovely on you. Smile!

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Thankyou @oolaloola :grinning:

Here’s a smile! You made me happy.


I really like you @oolaloola

I think you have a strong bond with your kids.

It’s really lovely

And makes me feel warm inside

I will never have kids

But seeing others have strong bonds with their kids is beautiful

I will be a cool auntie I hope, in my family

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Your necklace looks really nice. A great present!

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Thanks @ElGato :100: I appreciate it

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I very much enjoy my interactions with you too, @LittleMissSlothy I love to see your smile. It lights up your face and gives positive energy to others! A smile is a powerful weapon for sure.

I very much enjoy my kids and we are very bonded. Here is their Christmas photo. As usual, they are acting crazy. My oldest is as tall as me and he is only twelve. Can you believe it?

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Pretty. So is the necklace.

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aw that is a beautiful photo, I didn’t realise you had so many kids.

And yea I like to see me smile too, just often times it looks forced, but maybe even that is better than no smile lol.

Looks like you guys had a nice christmas :), really lovely to see!

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Thankyou Nick :))

You are awesome too haha :wink:

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Yes, but don’t force a smile because then it is not genuine. I can tell you gave me a genuine smile and it made my day as well. Merry Christmas friend! :christmas_tree::bouquet::pie:

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thanks for the compliment

happy new year to you :wolf: :relaxed:

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