This is the kind of stuff I intend to sell on Etsy

I sell as a file so people can download it, and make things out of it like vinyls stickers and tshirts

This is one of my designs that didn’t turn out well so I didn’t use it . It’s just an example



Hmmmm, you look different in that picture.

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That’s cool! I bought a crochet pattern on Etsy, to make a turtle. It was cool to find lots of patterns in one place. And I just had to download the file and save it in a safe place where it won’t get lost/deleted.

I hope you get lots of buys/downloads of your designs!

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Very cool @ish . Good luck with it all and hope your stuff does well.


I tried to sell some of my writing. It didn’t sell.

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It’s not me lol

I like the teddy. You’re talented!

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