This is the Forum


So basically this has been my experience on this forum


Lol. I know dude. I know.

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We’re both victims of truman
or one of us is part of the conspiracy?

There is no conspiracy unless you’re part of it. I’m going to trust that you aren’t.

I can’t trust that you are not.
Maybe you play the role of victim.
Who knows?
My trumanomatrix is mild today.

Surrender, let go, and trust

Everything is set by directors.
I find my self in every book I read,
in every film i watch.
They all talk about me.

Me too. But to be self aware is to know that we have an illness that makes us have delusions of reference. Keep that in mind when you see stuff like that. You have to retrain your brain to know that stuff like that has nothing to do with you. But this conversation is illustrating what i was getting at with this topic

man, you two…you both sound so out there…are you getting pdoc appt. and meds taken?

We’re just awakened to the matrix. Wake up sheeple :sheep:


I am so glad the matrix came out after I was ill…that movie would have done me in.


It’s not site policy to encourage others delusions. Consider most of our members suffer from a mental illness and idle conspiracy keeps the internet going but with little proof.