This is our life and then we die

Try to find peace in whatever you like doing and do it alot.

make something out of it even cause we only live once.

Enjoy the journey and laugh about the things you have embarrassingly done in the past.

You are the master of all


U will be alive till u reach old age…!!! Then u die…!!!


Work hard play hard


I’m not wholly convinced that death is the end. There may be more than just our bodies. Could our souls survive death? You think? Just an idea.


Who knows if we really die.


I think this is why I’m a bit of a hedonist.

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Thats the first time ive heard that word

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It’s one of my favorite words. Basically a person who chases pleasure, usually without thought

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I think there can be spiritual hedonism, too. Getting off on sheer being. BTW, I think Vraylar is going to be great. It sure took a long time to start working – I believe 2.5 mos. Jeez. But then, I had pickled my nervous system badly. Thank goodness the body forgives.

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