This is nuts there is snow on my car ๐Ÿš—


Weโ€™ve had snow here, too.

There is sun and bird poop on my car. :sunny: :bird: :poop: :red_car:


Itโ€™s snowing here. I was walking my dog this morning and we did our snakes through the neighborhood and she wanted to go farther. :cold_face: Itโ€™s fรบcking freezing, dog, goddamn.

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The snow all melted here finally with nice temperatures. They say this is it until late fall. I sure hope they are right. Today is beautiful. Iโ€™ve been trying to get out a bit today.


I had to leave the concept of snow behind me when I moved from Virginia to California.

I like snow, Iโ€™m gonna miss it.

It must have snowed recently.

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