This is not political, but I can not understand what type of a man Trump really is

Now there was in news that Trump had grabbed a Finnish woman, crazy …

I read he squeezed her butt. He’ll probably say it’s a lie.

I’ll be glad when Hillary wins the election and he will vanish.

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Thats easy one: a bully.


I don’t like him eather but will vote for the idea’s he has. And the fact that Saudi Arabia is paying for 20% of Hillary’s campaign is frightening.

12 more days! Didn’t realize these stories spread all the way to Finland even!

Trump is for capitalism and freedom while Clinton is for socialism/communism and control by the government. You pick which one you prefer.

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Haha the political monster shows its ugly head again…and only captain planet and the planateers can send it back to the pit…

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Well this all went to hell quite nicely. I’ve already seen two conspiracy theories and it’s not even ten posts in!

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Ahem, this is political