This is my main priority in life is to get this passed

Nobody here ever talks about it tho


It’s better than the alternative systems, but the problem is that demand for health care always outstrips supply here. Lots of people wind up suffering and/or dying on waiting lists.


Here it’s people who can’t afford their meds that die

Generally elderly folks that are on a fixed income.

I would have trouble affording my meds if I had to change scripts.

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Yeah I had to wait almost 2 years just for a pdoc

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I have a Canadian friend that was on a waiting list so long for shoulder surgery he went to South America and paid cash for it.

He said that’s not uncommon.


Oh, I thought it would be a thread about kidney stones. I never had one.


Hmm. . .

Ya’know It’s Strange @77nick77.

If You Splice The Word Kidney.

It Transforms Into Kid Knee.

Weird. . .

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Or is it Kid ney . Horses ney maybe the kid had a horse. Ney ney ney goes the horse

Be thankful. Not a pleasant experience.

I see both sides. Everyone needs to have access to healthcare. But the countries with single payer systems have issues with waiting lists and people die before they can receive care. There’s got to be a bipartisan solution that helps the majority of people

Hmm. . .

Isn’t It NEIGH?..

As Was Once Written, , ,

Here Comes The Pale Horse Of Death.

And It Continued To Say…,

And The Death Said, NEIGH (!!!).

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No, this is what Death said: “Hell is coming with me”.

I’ve got a bad feeling a kidney stone is about to happen. Passing that will be my main priority shortly. Ugh.


One of my friends has cystenuria. So he gets cysteine stones. They look like razor sharp! He passed one once when we were getting food at a restaurant and he showed us it :scream::scream::scream:

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