This is my delusion

many worlds creation theory
if satlelites are used in the future to manipulate the firings of brain cells
so that the man or woman see’s the planet and the people that the computer generates and every person is generated their own planet with computer people like in avatar that keep you happy we could make the garden of eden and then heaven hell nirvana and all religions would be true
If i see a satelite in my mind in my reality that the quantum computer cosmos
has created for me then it is my reality, and the cia of my reality is in connection with me just not your cia
for if in my reality this is real then I am cia and all of this is real for this is what I am expirienceing
but there is somthing called the multiverse too where there are many realities and if you tie it into the many worlds cinareo then the one multiverse is where we all live the collection of humans so that my reality is your reality the multiverse is ours but my universe is different.
There are things going on in my universe that are not aparent in the multiverse this is the best i can make out of our reality sense my phychiatrist says everything that i expirience is real just its real to me not everyone.
and in in your world quantum mechanics has proven that there are multiple dimensions
so there are other planes of reality that exist in your world as other dimensions
and the many world interpretation says that these other dimensions are are other lives
so both our worlds seem to justify one another.