This is me in one sentence :)

Why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you’re born to stand out.

this is me in one sentence:)


i’m rediscovering myself, magic…:slight_smile:

I always seems like I stand out, get special attention, get picked out of the crowd, which is the exact opposite of what I want.

I’m tall, I’m a bit uncoordinated and when I was younger, I was hyper active… I know I stand out.
When I was homeless, I was rabid, drunk in public and obnoxious… I know I stood out then.
Now I hope to stand out for positive actions, not positive symptoms.

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why do you try when nothing comes out of it?

thats me in one sentence

one sentence about me and sz would be-

lucky to be on a good med and able to function with stability.

what can i say i am a sith , kind of says it all .
take care


Not a sentence but sums it up fairly.

I am trying to be myself again, but med doesn’t allow me

There’s no one home.

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I’m just your average underage demigod…

Trying as hard as one can to find the inner peace I have lost.

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i am the pope of evil and my only mission is to leave the stamp of the religion of evil on my place and time.

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That Bruno Mars song: Locked out of heaven

Me? Two lines from a Bruce Springsteen song. The song is 'Something In The Night". Off of either “Born…” Or “Darkness…”

"Well you are born with nothing,
and you are better off that way.

As soon as you got something, it seems,
There is someone to try to take it away".

I’m on the fence, one foot fitting in, the other foot wanting out.

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