This is just perfect

Might be a repost…


is it not ms @rhubot?

I wish you could see how long ago people liked something… and also if you could single out how many times any certain person has liked your posts. @szadmin that make sense? I know you don’t develop the software… but I’m quite certain this is the most successful discourse site out there. It’s got a real purpose and a community of friends. Our identities are on here. It’s not center around software development or the promotion of a no solids diet…

Get on the horn man… make it happen. @SzAdmin :point_left: (you)

It’s gorgeous. Who is it?

She does covers… mainly…

took a second to track down… of course it’s armstrong

She puts a totally different spin on it… You can tell by her face and gestures shes nervous as ■■■■… but pulls it off flawlessly…and she really loves doing this performance… suits her perfect… EGADS

Yeah I’m just going to listen to her sing it again… :grin:

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That hollow whistle… shrill accent to it… ah yeah I love this chick

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great friggggggggggggggggggin song

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Yeah alright this is the actual language of the title… That makes a lot of sense

and i’m just listen to that first one… again … :grimacing:

that was beautiful :smiley:
take care :alien:

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■■■■■■■ playlist just keep going even when embedded… thats kewwwwwwwwwwwww

This is not only my favorite Louis Armstrong song, but my favorite duet ever

I’m listening… :smoking:

edit: damn dude this is dank… she has an awesome voice

I didn’t realize those lyrics were borrowed. ■■■■ hip hop

second edit: dude there intros with there voices… so powerful

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I’ll just go ahead and throw this out there.

oh I mean this

time time time time time time time is plural

Na - the gamer site forums are much more active - 15 year old gamers seems to like to communicate about games a lot - and we don’t pay for the software - so we don’t have much influence on features. This site is too short on funds to really influence the software development. One day perhaps…

It’s got a better shot then if I found a way of contacting them…

I guess I see it now. I always assumed there was communication involved. It’s just a download and installation like anything else.

By which you mean there is no more change left behind the cushions in the sofa.


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