This is how my schizophrenia story started

I first got a diagnosis and put on meds from getting forced speech, uncontrollable every morning upon waking. I was so happy when all that went away. at this time, I also found out they can read or hear my thoughts, so while cooking supper, I was checking and checking all my thoughts I’d had throughout the day, out loud, in a dialogue, checking them to make sure they were good enough, and I wouldn’t have to hear about it in mass media and radio.
my friends on Facebook say I don’t have it.
Now, come on, of course I do.

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Great story, you should start writing novels.

ohhh, yeah, I’m a writer. done lots of works, no novels though, too daunting.

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I started having delusions, paranoia and negative symptoms and I became very easily agitated and angry in 2013 until I was put on meds in 2015.

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I have intrusive thoughts as well and I think people can hear my thoughts no matter what my dad tells me. Although I do get those brief moments of insight where I think, wait is this really happening and the answer is usually no it’s just all in my head. I tell myself constantly no one can really hear them but when I go outside to have a smoke I think the whole neighborhood can hear me. I could tell you the usual like everyone is too caught up in their own thoughts and is too busy to hear you. Or no intelligence is watching your thoughts or is that interested but I know you won’t believe it. I try to think of it as just mind over matter. Or I had that thought, so let’s just move on. My therapist tells me to imagine these thoughts as leaves blowing in the wind, they just don’t matter!

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