This is how I know the birthdays

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I only know the birthday’s of people who answered the tread and some of the other members who say when their birthday is in other threads. There is nothing behind the scenes on this one. I just asked and people told me.


Add me to the queue. Will be 33 on JAN 12.

i thought you were working for the american goverment in the ’ secret birthday division ’ !?!
nice to see you back , i hope you and your family are well.
take care


@Igor my son’s birthday is January 12th too :slight_smile:

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My birthday is September 2nd

My birthday is December 15. I was 30 this past year. My mom had a surprise birthday party for me. I was floored that so many people showed up to wish me a happy birthday and that my mom went to so much trouble. :sunny:

August 3rd. Was supposed to be born in October…wanted to be a leo so bad I came early. Or I couldn’t let my brother have the month of August to himself so had to come out the same month he was (only he’s like six years older than I am). I actually had to be born the same week as him…don’t know why just did.

I don’t really have a birthday anymore.