This is going to get locked

But one day I go to Moscow … in the future …


Why would it get locked?

When I posted one song in Finnish earlier in the week, it was locked …

That’s because your song “finnished” the thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not worried about songs. I’ll be leaving it. I just lock articles, website links that aren’t in English.

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Lol yeah maybe a mod listened to the song then said “okay all finnish” then locked it up :grin:


I would also like to go there, but it won’t happen. I find Russian history and culture interesting so it would be a fun place to visit.

I visited Moscow when there was the Soviet Union. I liked my 3-day visit and I learned a lot. They had a computer tradeshow where participants from the Warsaw Pact countries showed their computer innovations. This was in March 1987.


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Why is it so quiet ? Did i hit the nail on the head ?

Oh @Fanny_Longbottom must be angry today.

The first song ‘Moskovan Valot’ is a famous Russian love song. Here it is in English, I think it is the right song.

[ peeks out from under ouch ]

[ waves Canadian flag ]

[ resumes eating poutine ]



Not that I don’t appreciate Russian culture…