This is blowing my mind right now

So correct me if im wrong, but 100 years ago psych meds didn’t exist… Now everyone I know and their grandma takes something.

Everything we are addicted to now didn’t even exist not that long ago… Wtf is going on in this world?


I’m grateful for the med i got, not so much when i was overmedicated but the last 10 years have been great on my med

Im on depression, anxiety and sz meds. 2.5 years ago i was on nothing. Theyve done nothing but help. Im thankful to live in this modern age.

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Psych meds weren’t addictive for me. Also, many cultures have been using various forms of current drugs for ages. Look in Proverbs in the Bible and it has a fairly accurate description of the alcoholic that holds up today. It was likely written between 700-400 BC. Addiction has been with mankind for a loonnnnggg time.


Yeah I don’t doubt addiction but psychiatry? I know young kids now who are being put on them. I don’t think you’d hear about this happening in the past

Be thankful we have psychiatrists these days…

Sorry dude, addicted was wrong word to use. I’m VERY thankful for meds, just curious about how life was before them I guess

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7,000 years ago they would perform trephination. That’s where they carve out a chunk of your skull and leave your brain exposed to the elements in order to release the mental illness, suspected demon, or even a migraine. Worth noting: There was no lidocaine 7,000 years ago. @#$%ing OUCH.


Not so long ago “crazy” people were locked in asylums. When they had episodes one “treatment” was to strip them naked, dunk in cold water, then wrap tightly in freezing wet sheets.

I’ll take a pill or shot over that any day.


Internet didn’t exist as well but everyone is on there phone times change

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100 years ago there were no cars, radios,TV or internet. There weren’t as many people around as today. Mental illnes is real as today or 100 years ago.

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