This is awful - TW sexual abuse

That’s really ■■■■■■ up :cry:

So messed up!
It’s horrible.

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Peggy Connolly was 22 when she was first admitted to the hospital in 1958

So it happened half a century ago…

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Still awful tho

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I dont care about this to be honest a lot worst stuff happens in any psychiatric hospital everyday.

Being pressured into sex when you are mentally vulnerable. The aftereffects are mad.

I know the feeling.

I was so paranoid I felt I had to say yes eventhough inside I did not want to


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I’m so sorry :cry:

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Bro this woman got raped. You should care, people like us could easily end up in her position.

As someone who was taken advantage of like that, I know how real abuse like that in the system can be.

Steps should be taken to make sure things like this never happen.

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Thanks, it’s nice to know some people actually synthesize these types of articles.


Thank you


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I’m sorry(again). That must be impossible to digest.

I hope that you can find good help and that you will overcome it, and be resilient (for the lack of a better word.)

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