This is an outrage!

the pizza man had no pepper




Did you tip him still? :stuck_out_tongue:

It was just kind of funny because when I asked for pepper and he looked in his bag (that obvious he didn’t have any but looked anyway to be polite) and said he didn’t have any. I told him have a good one and it was all good, but my head was screaming and angry like “that’s bull ■■■■ worst day ever!!”. I just laughed at the duality of the situation. Yes I always put a tip on the card anyway. He had a tmnt bag so it made up for it

Uploading guy66.gif…

… The coward!



I worked at a pizza delivery operation where we often took two hours to deliver a pizza. The manager didn’t have enough sense to keep on an adequate number of drivers during the rush hours. People would call up and say, “It took us two hours to get a pizza. We want another pizza.” The assistanct manager would say, “No.” Most pizza delivery operations are way better than that. I’ve found that Pappa John’s has the best product delivered at the best times. I’ve worked at a number of pizza delivery businesses. They’re always hiring, if any of you have a good car.

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B!@%# better have my pepper ♫♪♫

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Holy crap!..

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The rapture might happen tonight I know :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
With this playing in the background while the world ends because i didn’t get my damn pepper!

Delivery SOB’s don’t know what hell will have to be paid for that sin haha

… outregeous!

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Is lateralus the song where they use the Fibonacci sequence?

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Yes it is nice spot. But its still the best song to describe the end of the world pizza man fault that wiil occur

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