This is an odd question

I feel overly stressed lately. And writing lists makes me feel better. It focuses my attention elsewhere and if i feel the urge to make a list and i can’t for various reasons I get upset. I haven’t told my therapist about this yet or the scab picking anxiety. I had one therapist said it seems like i may have some OCD tendencies but i thought people with OCD were super clean people or hoarders.

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OCD in media tends to always be cleaning or washing hands etc but it isn’t always like that. I’m a mess but I still have tendencies such as checking and rechecking bank info and budgeting and making grocery lists that have been calculated to the nearest dollar.


I make out our grocery lists and Angie checks it…that way we know where every dollar is going on food…thing is I can spend around $185 and not have many groceries…it’s all diet cokes , coffee and creamer, eggs and toast…butter, milk and maybe a couple frozen bags of steak and cheese chimichangas…


no OCD is not all about cleaning as i was diagnosed with it and when i was really having the disorder quite bad i was checking doors to make sure they were locked like 20 times a night and rearranging things which used to annoy my family but excessive cleaning can also be part of it when i first got the disorder i was really obsessed with cleaning

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I’m worried about telling my therapist all ive mentioned in this thread. I don’t see her again till the week of my birthday.

we don’t get SNAP either

but when Phil’s outta work, we’ll get a box from the Referral

everything is expired food, but that don’t bother me
If I’m lucky, I can make a casserole, even though Phil isn’t a big fan.

I hope Phil keeps his job or jobs when he finds work…doesn’t sound like he’s really in the right position to be saying “look what I do for you” rather, “thank you for supporting me”

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