This is amazing in shepherd's pie

I absolutely love this in my shepherd’s pie! I don’t even need cheese with this in my shepherd’s pie!


What language is that Sazon completa?


It might be spanish as it says the owner is Cuban.


@Aziz I have no clue I found it in Walmart in Arkansas! I think I found it in the baking aisle it is literally amazing! It’s so amazing I might try it in my meat loaf too!


I really want to try my hand at Shepherd’s Pie. I’ll keep a look out for that mixture.

Looks tasty.


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@ThePickinSkunk it’s amazing and I love how versatile shepherd’s pie is! You literally can put whatever you want in it!

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My mum’s recipe

five potatoes
left over lamb cut into small cubes
lamb stock cube
can of baked beans
half of an onion cut into small pieces

Then fry the lamb cubes and onion together for a few minutes to cook the onion then place these in an oven proof pyrex dish then dissolve the stock cube and pour onto the lamb and onion just covering them ,then open the can of baked beans and layer these on top of the lamb onion and stock cube ,then peel and boil the potatoes and make mashed potato when this is done place the mash on-top of the beans and lamb there will be enough liquid stock and juice from the beans to make a nice rich sauce in the pyrex dish ,now place the dish on an Oven tray and pop the dish into the oven on a medium heat till the potato goes nice and brown on top then take it out the oven and eat


@firemonkey very nice! I like lamb but it’s pricy!

It’s pricey here in the UK too!

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@firemonkey I only buy cheap food… We have a lot of debt and most of our money goes to that and I like being cheap! I wish I could be one of those extreme couponers but we don’t have stores that allow that around here… I have also thought of being an extreme cheapskates but David don’t like that… We aren’t allowed to grow fruit or vegetable at the apartment so blocked there too… Oh well it’s all good

My MIL puts bbq sauce in her ground beef. It tastes good, surprisingly.

@anon78876561 MIL??? What’s that

Mother in law.

Lol….you knew that. :wink:

@anon78876561 oh lol I should have known that! BBQ sauce on ground beef sounds… Okay

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Lol…never mind. She’s Irish so she makes it, every so often. It’s like in the meat and not drizzled everywhere so it’s not that horrific. Weirdly.

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@anon78876561 oh that sounds better than on top of it

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