This is all pacification, doing is better than talking

this forum, A.A. , sitting around talking, it’s all pacification to me. doing is more fulfilling than talking. i am missing action and activity in my life, i have enough sitting around talking. anyone else feel this way?

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i think theres are 4 temperaments of people and perhaps yours is as the melancholic type (as many mentally ill people are). One strength of the melancholic person is that they think a lot which can lead to having a good understanding of the world (sort of the philosopher type person). I dont know you well enough but maybe youre just feeling incomplete as all humans do. without that urge i think we would have a hard time growing. were uncomfortable when were not improving.

if youre a thinker maybe you should become friends with someone whos more whos more “do” than “think” and the two of you can learn from eachother.

thats just my 2 cents, maybe i dont know you well enough. Also it might be smart to consider whether its a bout of mania causing you to feel like you need to go go go.

or maybe youre partly or wholely choleric and things are just moving slow at the moment


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AA is the reason I have a life and am able to enjoy myself. I work, have hobbies, am active in my community, and do things with family. At some point you have to get off the couch and go out into the world. That’s a YOU thing.


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