This is a gentler ,kinder environment

As a person with both schizoaffective and Asperger’s I go on here and the wrong planet forum .

This is a more gentle and kinder environment .


This is a nice place! You can always turn to the people here for comfort and support. :slight_smile:


I’ve checked out other forums, but I find the people here to often be a special kind of compassionate.

This forum is part of my support network, daily peer to peer socialization, research articles, fun, and feedback on questions.

I’m glad to be here, and I’m glad you’re here too, you are an important part of our community.

Wishing you well!


I love the membership of this forum. Such a lovely mix of people.
And people tend to respond which is nice.
I think I’ll be on this for life even if I get better cos it’s such a nice community!


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