This is a block picture........what do you see


What’s its mean ???

orbits :satellite:

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Joe can’t believe what the beeach just said and has to hold his hand in the proper protection position.

A Venn diagram :nerd:

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I see a person with a surprised face lol

Same here … 15

A clown with a big nose and a ruffle collar.


Someone in a boxing pose

A floating man without arms or legs blowing soap bubbles.

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I see a face with only two eyes and a collar and a body and a circle on the left side of the head.

snowman with a pipe

A boy crying rubbing his tears away.

A snow man with an ecig!

A clown. I hate clowns.

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It looks kind of like Mr. Bill

A boxer practicing in front of a mirror.

I see a clown. 1515

Snowman playing a harmonica

A boxer punching me in the face!