This illness never goes away (8 years normal life abroad)

I don’t even know what my symptoms are at this point. I’ve been living away on my own in Asia for most of the last 8 years. I buy my medicine (Haldol) myself and determine my own doses. I have seen a doctor a couple times in the last eight years when I returned home to America. I have some bad periods but those seem to be mostly over. However I always feel that the illness is lurking underneath. It’s hard to describe what my symptoms are because I’ve been living a mostly normal life for so long now. However I always feel that I’m battling something. I wonder what would happen if I stopped medicine but I can’t take that risk now as I have a job teaching English. What do you guys think?


If what you’re doing is working, and you’re enjoying it, don’t stop.

I’m glad you’re able to keep yourself stable.

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Hi, Vandam. Long time no see. Glad you are stable and working a good job in Thailand. I believe Thailand is a nice country to live. Please say hello to your girlfriend.

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Whatever is “lurking” is probably in America and that is why you are doing relatively well overseas. A little distance from the problem gives you time and space. It’s a matter of advance and retreat. Stay on your meds, and gird your loins for the next trip “home”. Good luck, chordy.

Keep doing what your doing. It’s working. I envy you. If I still partied I would be right where you are but I am sober now.

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you sound pretty functional to are a might be cured ,i dont know.i cant even get out of bed.

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remmeber haladol is a very strong glad you doing well on it,respirodone nearly killed me.good luck any ways.

I would stick with what you are doing if it is working. However if you feel the need to reduce your meds, do so slowly, a small step at a time. Even if you have to cut the pills in half or a quarter.

IMHO many of us need an objective third party to determine if we are doing well or not, you might be OK self evaluating though if you’ve been doing it for a while.

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Yes. But I have been on only 1mg haldol for many years now. I don’t think I’ve recovered. I still feel different. But it’s hard to remember normal…

I have a beer every once in a while. But almost nothing… Boring life :slight_smile:

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Yes. And how are you doing now?

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i think it would is good to be able to be doing well and keep going…

I’m doing pretty well at the moment. I switched meds from Amisulpride to Olanzapine last year, also experimented with Amyloban3399. Now I am happy with being on 7.5mg Olanzapine everyday. But I quit Amiloban3399 because it gave me depression.

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To recover means to return to normal and normal I will never be so I don’t believe we can ever truly recover. I have a lot of insight into my disorder Also but don’t feel safe without my psychiatrist plus they give me free samples which would cost otherwise thousands of dollars a month! I do a body scan which includes my mind throughout the day and know when I am off. Stress takes me out so avoiding it these days. Best to you!

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