This guy got a job

Hi beautiful people! After months of looking i finally got a job. Gonna work at a burrito place making minimum. And im learning hiragana so thats cool too. Since going to AA things have been working out in a good way. Is this my big break?


Woooooo Hooooo!! Way to go!!

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Awesome!! Congrats!! :smiley:

Yes. It’s your big break. You got a job!

well done @Kazuma!

Enjoy the new job!

Nice good work were all proud of you…

Yes, it may very well be your big break. It won’t be easy but this job and staying clean may be just what you need. A “new start” so to speak.

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I’m so happy!! I know you were in a pretty bad place before so this is so wonderful to hear! :smile:

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That’s great kazuma! Congrats, you’ll do great

Great … @Kazuma

Congratulations, kazuma! keep going, I am rooting for you!

Congratulations kazuma!

Well done Kazuma!!

Hi Kazuma. Hiragana is quite easy to master, but Katakana is way more difficult. For example, Katakana N handwriting look similar to Hiragana I. I confused and gave up learning Katakana.

And Japanese “R” is pronounced as “L”. Ask @bananatto Sensei. Dozo.

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