This girl wants to chat to me

I have three close friends I talk to hang out with all the time. I used to be afraid to go out and then I just started talking it was awkward at first but I became very smooth after a lot of practice. Anyone can do it.

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There are various types of schizophrenics out there. You seem to be exceptional in terms of dealing with women and dating. We’ll see what my statistical odds are with getting a girl/wife are.

I am very talkative I’m not that friendly with strangers as I used to be but I’m not shy at all. I understand how severe schizophrenia can be but I still have the belief that if I can do it anybody can.

I’m also on a fairly low dose of haldol only. So I have been over medicated and there’s a huge difference imo

Not every schizophrenic is in the same shoes as you. That’s good that you’re talkative and can be friendly. Maybe you’ll be a high-functioning schizophrenic in terms of relationships. Who knows. No one knows.

To me life begins when you realize that you only have one.

I’ve heard of Haldol. I am on Abilify, Clopixol and Seroquel myself.

Yes, I agree. We, humans live only once. There is no reincarnation or living in hellfire or up in the clouds.

I was on zyprexa and depakote and weighed over 250 at one point. I’m so thankful that I am on a low dose of haldol. I used to think there was no hope. I’ve been very low before.

Well, my first psychotic episode has forced my psychiatrists to prescribe these medications to me. I am considered a danger to the general public if I am not medicated so I am injected with anti-psychotics.

I had severe gambling on abilify and spent every single dollar I made on lottery tickets. I was on risperidone and used to drink beer every night due to stress and then I would pee myself. Stuff changes anything could happen people shouldn’t give up just because of the illness or the meds


Speaking in humanitarian terms, it would be unfair to schizophrenics to not live fulfilling lives.

Guys, really, nice way to derail @mrhappy 's thread asking for advice.

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Is there a way you could delete those back and forth posts maybe? I talk a lot I’m sorry!

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You could make another thread and I can move those to it

No it’s okay our concersqtion ended!

its ok, i just feel ■■■■ bc i can never get a woman, then this beautiful woman is wanting to get to know me, why would she prefer whatsapp over facebook dating? i think they both have video chat anyway :frowning:

fk it i just asked her for her phone number, she’ll probably run a mile if she see’s me and i havent got a job :frowning:

Ha “Online dating apps”.

Whats wrong with the traditional way of meeting a prospective partner?

If im gonna be on the pull, ill do it the normal way, put on a suit and actually meet someone in person in a bar or club.


I have never managed to do that, I’ve never frequented bars

Seth this girl in my clubhouse is the nicest woman, oh man she is just so much fun and playful in nature but she is staff :frowning:

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