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Is it crazy? My post about Edward Cayce gets deleted…

This forum isn’t a part of a government monitoring program, it’s a volunteer-run forum on a private server. Maybe the post you made was controversial?

It was about Edward Cayce who had a lot of very insightful ideas about schizophrenia… I thought it might be helpful

Yes it did.

Yes it was.

Edgar Cayce didn’t have a scientific approach to medicine, he used visions to “find” the cure for whatever problem he came across.

He “healed” people with the placebo effect.

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a lot of his insights were spot on… He wasn’t against the use of medicine either

My analog pocket watch still manages to be right twice per day when I forget to wind it. I don’t run around showing it to people because of this.

and who are you?

Awesomeness Squared.

And tired, going to bed.



yeah sweet dreams buddy

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Reminds me of homopatheic medicine.

Seriously. Cayce wasn’t a stand up dude. It was a lot of rubbish.

Yeah it’s has it’s attraction to those of the sz variety but @velociraptor is truly Awesomeness Squared!!

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