This forum is making my mind sharper

It’s not exactly a scalpel it’s like a butterknife but still I can see it helping to talk with people and take in the sights I guess I should’ve joined a long time ago I’m sick of just sitting around in my flat baking pizzas


I’ve finished the first part of Stranger in a Strange Land. Can’t wait to start part 2.

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Nice! I’m trying to find a book to read right now I’m on this forum too much maybe Noa Noa by Gauguin

No, you’re not on it too much if it is helping you.

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I didn’t even know Gaugin wrote a book. I liked his art work, though.

Yeah he lived in Tahiti I think it’s his journals there…he’s kind of controversial but I still want to read the book

Go for it. Nothin’ and no one stopping you.

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I requested it from the library it should be here soon

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