This feeling is aweful

I Been sober for a while. I am craving tremendously. My God I hope I pull through. Any suggestions on how to avoid cravings? (For drugs)


I don’t have any advice, but I hope you’re able to distract yourself long enough for it to pass. Good luck!

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It’s difficult. There are medications that help some. You can learn to watch your mind and say to yourself that you’re not going to give in to that particular trigger. If you smoke cigarettes, most helpful is reflecting that you’ve been enslaved by a jackass tobacco company CEO and that you are not going to give them the satisfaction of ruining the rest of your life.

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Its just going to be bad for a while.

Try to keep distracted,

Keep hydrated,

Eat healthy.

What are you coming off of and how long has it been?

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Remember why your doing this.

Old soldier:
"In Veitnam the villagers had these traps for hunting monkeys. It was nothing but a box roped to a tree. The whole in the front was big enough for the monkey to get his hand in.

But, after he wrapped his hand around the orange he couldnt get his hand out. Thats is when the hunters would come along.

The only for him to save his life was to let go of the orange and run."


Try chewing gum I know it sounds weird but it’ll give you something to do. Or finding something to do with your hands like if you have any stim toys they can help. If not try clenching and unclenching your fist and really focus on the sensation it brings.

I hope you feel better cravings are the worst. Can I ask what youre craving specifically?

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I am a recovering meth addict. Tho it’s only been 2 long years I am ready to change for the better. While I still look good lol.



Replace bad behavoir with good. Try exercise. It helps and is better for you. Giving up substances can be really, really hard but it’s worthwhile doing and coming out the other side. Many of us have been there and gotten through…Just do your best and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it!


@rogueone thanks much man.

Whooosh!!! Right over my head. What does that story mean or how does it apply here?

I had a hard time with substance abuse for many years. I know how hard it can be when you start to crave getting high. But if you can wait until you sleep on it, you’ll probably feel better in the morning. I’m not sure this is very good advice, but its the best I can do without just repeating what the other replies have said. I’m pretty sure all of us wish you the best. Stay strong.

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The orange is the drugs.

It is a motivational story using concepts.

He is smart enough to know it is a trap.

The ‘treat’ does not have equal worth of his life.

It is simply not worth it.

(Though it is a true story from what he said to me)


Try to remember a craving (any craving) lasts but a few moments. When these feelings emerge you must remind yourself that it is only transitory, and that it will pass.

In that time distract yourself with something else. For example, if you wanted to stop smoking, every time you craved for a cigarette, I would encourage you to do something productive like 5 press ups. Do you see?


You can do this! Using drugs has an ugly face. You will damage your life because of it. Believe in your capability, your strengths, focus on a better future and distract yourself. Life is so precious, focus on the little things you like. Don’t ruin your life!


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