This explains a lot Part 2


really? Mine is psychosis triggered (twice) though, (first time, I did not even like the guy) the second time was strange combination of liking someone and being deluded at the same time (I was psychotic). Eventually we talked (a year later ) and I got it out of my system.

If I think back, it would’ve been a lot better if I never bothered with it. It is too weird for me to like someone for some unknown reason, because I absolutely hate their character? How does that work? I guess it is part of my mental illness.

On the other hand, if I like someone in a logical setting, I make sure they know. It is the best strategy. So that is how I got into a relationship.

What about you ?

I broke up with a girl in my late teens…

I met her in a Bar several years later. She had tattoos all over her, and was addicted to drugs. She accused me of destroying her life when I dumped her. I just finished my beer and left. I’d be really surprised if she’s still alive to this day. I have no idea.

The whole episode made me sad, but it was obvious by the way she turned out, I could tell the two of us wouldn’t have lasted as a couple anyways. She thought differently I suppose.

I guess maybe @PatrickT could be she was drugged up and angry for some reason and blamed you for it.
I dumped a guy once, he is happily married and I saw him on my trip and said hi. He was devastated at the time. I was 18 and did not think of much consequence :slight_smile: I don’t think dumping someone could cause that much damage? Nothing wrong with tattoos though!

Right now, @mermaid1, I’m fighting tooth and nail to not be majorly crushing on someone I’m supposed to be having a professional relationship with. Only, as the article points out, sometimes that course of action and train of thought can make the feelings grow. It’s still too early to say how I really feel, but I’ve had problems like this in the past, and I really don’t want to go there AGAIN!!!

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Is there a possibility of keeping distance? or taking a break?


Actually, I really haven’t talked with her that much. It helps that I’m rather shy, so yes I’ve been trying to keep a safe distance. I really do kind of hope she has a boyfriend, fiance or some kind of romantic partner. Really, I’m just trying to not make too much of big deal about it.

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Hey there @Mim130. I know I want to be alone but if you want a girlfriend good luck to you!
If you are interested in a girl don’t be afraid to ask her if she has a boyfriend and,
if not, ask her if she might be interested in you.
If you don’t want to get involved with a girl from work you can approach
girls on the street or on a dating site.
Take care however to leave the girl alone if she says she’s not interested.
Best wishes!

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yeah okay, so maybe distract yourself or think of her ugly habits if you know some. That always helps me to move on.

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The point I’m really trying to make, @Erez_Shmerling, is that for the most part I really shouldn’t be having these feelings. At least not to the point where they’re causing me distress and obsess.

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perhaps medications may help you?
I found that my intrusive thoughts got way better on olanzapine,
and what you have are essentially intrusive thoughts.
If you have thoughts that you don’t want to have, and in particular if they have an obsessive element it is called
intrusive thoughts.
Again, olanzapine helped me a lot with it, at least so far.
I hope it continues and I don’t get nasty side effects.

@mermaid1, she doesn’t really have any ugly habits that I’ve seen so far, but I know I’ve known for the last 4 or 5 days that I need to distract myself. But, the humidity we’ve been experiencing lately isn’t just making me sluggish, it’s spiked my libido just a little bit, too!

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Maybe :arrow_up: your AP dose then

Good luck !!!

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I’m already on olanzapine, but recently I missed a few doses over the course of several days.

Some music for you:

It happens somewhat more than you think. Crazy, but beautiful.