This emailing lark

Due to chronic social interaction difficulties i have no friends in 3D. Occasionally or i should say rarely i get to exchanging emails with someone. All’s fine for a while but inevitably the emails drop off. Are they bored/fed up with me or is it do with them not me? I’m the kind of person who is better at responding than initiating whether it be a conversation or email. My first thought when emails dry up-’ that’s it,they’ve decided i’m not worth bothering with’. If i take the lead and send off an email what if i get blanked?
Off line or online it’s still a problem -this whole interaction thing. It’s just that it’s comparatively better online. On a forum i might be respected but as for connecting well on a social level -for the most part forget it! I never get to be part of any inner circle. The truth is i don’t have the skills that come naturally to many others.

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I can relate. I only have one-two friends in real life. The rest are correspondance through email. I don’t have much to talk about except school. And, of course, most of the people at school are half my age, so there isn’t much chance of developing real friendships with them. I don’t know where adults can go to make new friends, except work, which I don’t do. Hang in there.

i think the key thing is to keep on trying. i can’t go out much lately as i’m saving up for something but i still talk to friends online. i’m due to go out for a drink with a friend soon but i’ll have to watch what i spend. failing that i have another friend who i can have a drink at home with. u have to cultivate friendships. it’s kind of like having plants…if u don’t look after them, they wither and die. take the inititive and send some emails. who cares if they don’t respond. if they don’t then uv lost nothing. if they do then keep it going. good luck xxx


I have a very hard time calling and starting the e-mail conversation. I am really bad about that.

But I find that if I put no energy out, I get no energy back.

Some of my e-mails are very simple…

“hi, thought of you, how are you?”

and then it can grow from there.

I was almost going to start a friends topic but decided to look up some already here. I have 0 3D friends at present. I do have email friends, some I have known for years and one I even spent a couple months with 3D here about 5 years ago.
I think when emails dry up its usually someone is busy with something else. I’m actually going through a dry time now.
As for 3D IDK what it is. I have no problem interacting socially and on various levels. I do realize you have to be careful what you talk about with people you meet. But for some reason I never really made a real 3D friend here, with the exception of some neighbors I used to hang out with and have drinks…but they are gone, and i dont drink any more, so that avenue is out.
Most people I have met since 2002 have been from online.