This disease warps you

It makes me feel like a shitty and stupid person. I’m also super paranoid lately.


It does that to me sometimes. I try to do self-therapy and think my way out of that mindset and sometimes that works.


I can’t get out of my own mind.


You will recover @Tyme. All you need is some time and everything will be okay.

This disease takes you to your worst self. It makes you hurt those closest to you without thought. It makes you hurt those you don’t know with much thought. It makes you closed off, makes you think you’re hated when you may not be. It makes you type stupid ■■■■ like this :smiley:

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I don’t know how people live with this paranoia 24/7. This is horrible. ■■■■■■■ ability is the devils drug.

Oh you better believe it warps you. Beyond belief.

sz took my brain and peeled it like an onion.

every layer of normal that used to be there was peeled away, a piece at a time

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Wow. That sounds sadistic.

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I’ve always been a little different. Getting diagnosed and put on medications was a wake up call for me. I don’t miss those racing thoughts I had constantly and that insidious paranoia. I think your right it can warp your mind but you can overcome that!

These days I think…ahhh is this how normal people think??. It would be nice to do that without the meds but such is our lot!

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you make a good point. that’s the way it was, though. it slowly stole my sanity.

I always claimed to the hospital and my family that I ‘felt great’ which was true, but the delusions were so intense i couldn’t handle it at the time

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