This disease is a full time job!

Recovering from and managing your illness is a full time job!

If you do something else, you’re working two jobs.

This is my argument! There is no debate :upside_down_face:

If you would like to argue, go ahead.


I remember you

I haven’t been around too long

yeah, all prodromal thinking you’re well

and being highly sensitized

3 months later you’re psychotic.

I agree for myself personally, this disease effects me daily, and I’m constantly working on not just recovery, but to just maintain a form of normalcy.

It sure feels like a job

this person got me suspended for him coming after me

and he got nothing. it was a crap deal.

I agree it’s like a full time job.

Yes I heard it described in this way by a psychiatric worker at one point as well. When I am off medication managing my illness is absolutely like a full time job and dealing with life is exhausting.

Yes you are dead right but i see myself as Rocky fighting Ivan Drago in Rocky 4 hopefully one day we can all land a murderous left hook on this illnesss like Sly did on Lundgren

I go to high school and recovering from my first psychotic break. It’s definitely too much for me right now.

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You’re a strong person, I couldn’t imagine going to high school during my first psychotic break. College was tough enough, but I wouldnt last in high school.

I give you a ton of credit for staying in school.

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I’ve thought repeatedly to drop out, but thanks to my parents I have stayed in school. There still many things I can’t do like drive. Or have a normal job.

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Give it time and you still may be able to have those things. I’m not working at all right now but I’m going to college and my grades are getting better every semester. A year and a half ago when I first had my break, well a couple months after initial onset, my GPA plummeted.

It just takes time, as the thread title says recovery us a full time job. Will your parents let you take a break when school is out to focus on recovery?

Yeah I’m sure they will, but they also expect normal grades from me, so I worked my tail of for them.

That’s rough, but more kudos to you for doing it!

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I just enjoy my lunch break and then get back to work and hopefully get off a little early.

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It’s full-time with overtime hours


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